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                      Kempler 2015 India international security technology and security products exhibition

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                      India international security technology and security products exhibition, 2015
                      Exhibition time: December 2015 05 to December 07
                      Venue: New Delhi, India
                      Pavilion Name: Expo Centre Greater Noida India
                      Hold the same period: India International Fire Equipment Exhibition (India firex) and the India national land security equipment exhibition (security India homeland)

                      Exhibition content

                      CCTV, DVR; network monitoring system; access control system; monitoring and alarm systems; alarm and alarm system; closed-circuit television and remote monitoring system; building management system; fire and gas detection equipment and X-ray detector;; metal and explosion-proof safety inspection equipment; card technology; fire protection equipment and materials; computer monitoring system; security control and monitoring system; biological identification system; anti-theft glass and screen; integrated security management system; and emergency rescue equipment, clothing and equipment; security technology; video phone, video monitoring and protection system; anti-theft locks, doors, cabinets and glass screen; security; comprehensive security patrol management system; equipment; monitoring system and security system etc..

                      At the same time:

                      India International Fire Equipment Exhibition (to India 2014), an exhibition of fire equipment, fire vehicles, fire sensing and warning, disaster control and so on.

                      India\'s homeland security equipment exhibition (homeland security was 2014), police equipment exhibition, security system, biometric systems, non lethal weapons.

                      In 2015 seventh India international security technology and security products exhibition organizers for the British UBM company, the company lasted more than thirty years created the largest in Europe, the British Bermingham ifsec security security exhibition exhibition, at the same time as a professional security issue in the global media, more than thirty security professionals set up a website and magazine 80, after for many years of painstaking efforts, the company will import the successful experience of more than thirty years of India ifsec exhibition market.2012 India international security exhibition attracted from 20 countries, more than 250 countries exhibitors; exhibition area reached 15000 square meters; more than 11684 visitors from 34 countries and regions to visit the exhibition site, senior officials and Large Firm which are in India state and public security and other departments of the decision makers, former Minister of internal affairs of India In the opening ceremony of the opening of the word. India international security technology and security products exhibition has become the largest in India and even South Asia and Southeast Asia, the most professional, most people look forward to the security and fire exhibition!

                      Market introduction

                      India is one of the BRIC and G20 G-20 members, with a population of about 12 billion. In recent years, rapid economic growth, in the current economic crisis performance eye-catching, become a new force in the global economic recovery is one of the few years China and India bilateral trade volume is expected to more than $750 billion, and will continue to grow.2015 years is expected to reach $150 billion.

                      Similar to China market, the bulk purchasing from government departments in.2010, India to host the Commonwealth Games as an opportunity to present a modern country to the world\'s image, has invested heavily in the construction of the infrastructure, including the new airport, a railway, bus, subway, public facilities, ports, ships, factories. Commercial building, supermarkets, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, residential buildings, there are still many projects under construction and planning in the construction of the project, there is a great demand for safety protection and labor protection products. According to authoritative analysis, cost India safety and other areas of expenditure has accounted for 3.6% of the global total, up to in 2020, the proportion will reach 6% of the global total, market growth potential is great. The UK trade investment in the 2010 assessment report pointed out that the India security market annual growth rate of more than 30%, 2014 India industrial safety and labor Insurance and security market is expected to reach $44 billion, the vast majority of dependence on imports. At present, Kidde, Tyco, UTC and the top manufacturers are spending huge sums to invest in India, investment return rate is extremely optimistic. After multiple terrorist attacks has let the Indian government and the user focus in this field, hope to buy high-tech monitoring, detection, access control, perimeter security, fire and special equipment safety, India\'s always price sensitive buyers, can accept the high-end products.

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