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                      Kempler international security technology exhibition, London, 2015

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                      [exhibition time] from June 17, 2015 to June 19th
                      London, UK
                      [name] the London International Exhibition Center (London Excel)

                      [exhibition] Introduction

                      London International Security Technology Exhibition originated in 1972, the history of more than 41 years so far. To the theme of the exhibition is clear, clear positioning, professional and strong, after 41 years of development has become the well-known brand exhibition, its influence and radiation is extremely wide, is the world's third largest, one of the most influential international security exhibition, whether it is enterprise's new product release or buyers annual procurement, to this exhibition as quality exhibition and trade platform.

                      2015 British security exhibition venue will be from Birmingham transfer to the British capital London Excel exhibition hall, the host of the 2012 London Olympics, exhibition facilities, convenient transportation, from the airport only 15 minutes by car; as an international metropolis, London traffic is very convenient, the hotel and catering facilities, influence significantly reduce the European buyers via London transit to Birmingham away, this move will further promote the European buyers to the exhibition with the wishes of. At the same time, it will further enhance the British security exhibition international degree and influence.

                      Venue moved to London, the organizers of the integration of the safety related exhibition, subdivision of themes and exhibits more clearly; 2014 London International Security Technology Exhibition will be held at the same time fire, labour protection exhibition, police and homeland security equipment exhibition, the scale and brand influence to upgrade to a new height.

                      To 2014 (including security, safety, fire, police equipment such as Pavilion) while opening the Birmingham International Exhibition Center, five main hall, that was the number 1, 3, 3a and 4, 5th Museum, a total of from around 1200 exhibitors, 70000 professional audience.

                      The commercial security district occupied 4, 5, two pavilions. The security exhibition attracted from the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Singapore, mainland China, Chinese Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, nearly 100 countries and regions worldwide, more than 650 exhibitors. To participate in the exhibition,.Sony, Panasonic, Honeywell, Samsung, Tyco, redcare, Risco, texecom, hik and, CSL dualcom and other well-known international companies have appeared on the show, the new technology and shows hundreds of new products, not only by the type of exhibits. The exhibition set up corresponding products according to the region, from different countries and regions the enterprise established the national (regional) image region, such as France, Britain, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan and the mainland Chinese China Pavilion. According to the forecast, the 2014 London commercial security exhibition will have 30000 decision-making power The buyers arrived at the scene, where more than 20% of buyers budget reached 1 million pounds or more.

                      In addition, organizers UBM orchestrated a display part, the exhibition was held at the same time dozens of free professional seminars, in the number of year-on-year growth, is effectively promotes the latest technology and product release and security industry information transfer and exchange. Attend to not only meet the buyers demand for trade, to become more security products manufacturing enterprises communicate with each other and exchange indispensable platform. Therefore, despite the booth fee is relatively high, manufacturers from around the world still actively participating about 2.65% of the current exhibitors in the exhibition site pre booked the next booth.

                      [exhibition content]

                      1, the class of safety protection: visual intercom / TV monitoring, access control systems, perimeter defense / patrol system, environmental monitoring / burglar alarm, identification / authentication system, banking / financial center security equipment, armored car, emergency rescue and rescue, exit devices, bulletproof vests / bulletproof glass, anti-theft door lock / cabinet, building lightning protection equipment, anti explosion and explosives handling equipment, chemical / biological risk processing equipment, labor protection products, disaster protection technology / equipment, safety precautions products testing instrument.

                      2, building intelligent class: building management automation system, building automation equipment, integrated wiring system.

                      3, fire control categories: fire alarm / combustible gas / smoke alarm, emergency radio, fire and smoke, fire communication, fire fighting products / equipment, building fire protection materials, fire lighting equipment, electrical safety equipment and so on.

                      4, police equipment: Police Command System / equipment, Patrol / riot police / special police equipment, command vehicle / patrol car / communication vehicle / anti riot vehicles / Lighting car / wrecker / fire truck, police helicopter / patrol boat / fire boats / police wired / wireless communication system / police emergency and rescue / life detection equipment / police training equipment etc..

                      5, personal safety: personal safety equipment / occupational safety and health / risk assessment and so on.

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